Bespoke Kitchen


We've been building bespoke kitchens & bathrooms for 26 years.​  While using recycled timber, we utilise the modern functionality of full extension slides on our drawers and have no problem incorporating modern appliances such as dishwashers, butler's sinks and disposal units.

You can bring individuality and charm by matching the internals of the cabinetry with your choice of tile colour. And you can add personality with features like hand-slumped glass, pressed metal and meat-safe mesh in your doors.  You can choose to be outrageous and over the top in styling or be understated and let the character and warmth of the timber and the choice of hinges and handles be the point of interest.

A visit to our showroom will allow you to point out the style of cabinetry that you prefer. Alternatively you can put together your own 'storyboard' with your favourite clippings from magazines to paint a picture for us of your dream kitchen. Accompany this with some rough diagrams of your required configuration so that we can give you a quotation. In the event of the price being acceptable, Three of a Kind can then visit your home to take more accurate measurements and anticipate any difficulties regarding accessibility and any peculiarities regarding installation.