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As with most things we do at Three of a Kind, we look at what is available everywhere else and MAKE WHAT WE DO BETTER.  Besides being able to build a bed in whatever style you require, the major ways that separate what we do from the rest is sturdiness and durability along with simplicity when it comes to assembly and disassembly.  Most of our beds consist of post and rail construction with two 5/16th bolts on each corner and our slats are hardwood that drop into custom-fit slots in the rails that can be adjusted up or down to suit either box spring, futon or memory foam mattresses.   There is ABSOLUTELY no movement, creaking or anything to keep you awake.  Your bed can be custom fit with drawers or if you prefer we have a number of under bed boxes on wheels to create easy access storage to a space that is largely under utilised.  A Three of a Kind bed IS A LIFETIME PURCHASE.  We guarantee it.  Feel free to enquire about the size and style you require, we also specialise in loft and bunk beds.

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