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Custom-built, hand-made furniture from recycled timber.
Australian owned and made
since 1994

With a showroom and workshop located in Leichhardt NSW, Three of a Kind has nearly three decades of experience making unique, bespoke furniture. From individual one-off pieces to fitting out your whole house or business, everything is made on-site and by hand.

Karl and the boys work in the old - fashioned way; they take pride in their work and in making their customers happy.

As Karl says; these days the only other place where you see someone using their hands to make something for you is a sandwich shop...

...however most people find seeing a custom order piece of furniture come to life a little more exciting than a sandwich...


(we s'pose it depends on how hungry you are)

Original pieces are available to buy directly from the showroom floor or 'The Blokes' can tailor make items to suit your specific needs.

When wanting a quote for a custom order please don't forget to bring your diagram or rough measurements.

In most cases a quote can be done for you on the spot. Feel free to bring in photographic references: Three of a Kind invites you to dictate, collaborate or to simply sit back and let us do the work.

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Not everybody has what it takes to be part of the workshop at Three of a Kind.  In the 26 years or so that we've been manufacturing there's only been a handful of people who have built Three of a Kind furniture and are privy to all our tricks of the trade.  It's not enough to be a good tradesperson, you also need to understand Karl's approach to the aesthetic and to meet the highest standards when it comes to fit, finish and functionality. 


When creating our furniture we're sympathetic and respectful to the heritage materials we use.  We feel there's no point in sourcing 150 year old timber and then dressing it to the point where it has a clinical appearance.  While our furniture is rustic, its finish is smooth and durable, using the latest in non-toxic high-tech clear coat.  All our drawers open and close beautifully on full extension, mechanical slides of the highest standard as you would find in any high-end kitchen.  Any of our products that are on castors (wheels) are of the highest quality, rated at 110 kilos per corner with a locking brake. 


There's quality and durability in what we do that becomes apparent in 40 years time when your Three of a Kind piece functions as it did the day it was delivered. 

Our showroom is open 7 days a week...weekends are by appointment

...we are a small crew so if you're making a special trip or coming from out of town just phone ahead to make a loose time and we'll make sure that someone's here to show you through.  If you're local pop in any time: weekdays we're in from 7:30.

629 Parramatta Rd Leichhardt NSW

Ph: 0409 555 173


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